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Acupuncture is a procedure
adapted from Chinese
medical practice in which
specific areas of the body
are pierced with fine
needles to relieve pain.


Clinic 38 combines a warm and friendly environment with a professional and confidential service. This relaxing environment integrates highly effective products and rejuvenating treatments to nurture your body, restore your spirit and unite outer health and inner well being.
Consult. Including treatment $87.00
Treatment per visit $75.00

ACC Treatments for Accidents, Sports injuries and Occupational Overuse.

If ACC does not cover your treatment cost, ACC patients accept that they will Pay for the full cost of their treatment.

ACC generally covers the treatment of personal injuries. To get ACC cover for your treatments, visit your doctor who will assess your injury and lodge a claim with ACC with you.
ACC will then cover the cost of your treatment; you will only need to pay $25 per visit

Treatment per visit $25.00

What patients say

Tom Beale
"It gives me great pleasure in expressing my appreciation to you on the treatment I have received over the previous two months. 

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I first decided to obtain your services when at my age of 87 I was suffering severe pain in my arms, neck and hip area.  Desperation was at the stage that I was willing to try anything and when it was suggested perhaps Acupuncture was the way to go, I decided to seek your services.

Like most of us oldies, I thought this procedure was an old Chinese style of medication that involved a certain amount of pain when needles were applied to an affected area.  I therefore became slightly apprehensive and skeptical on what I was to expect.

Leesa, how wrong I was through my ignorance and how glad I am that I made contact with you.  The whole procedure throughout my appointments at your Clinic have been amazing in the results to date.  No pain was experienced and you certainly knew where the affected areas were when placing the various needles. Where I had very restricted movements in both arms I can now gain near enough to full height when I reach above my shoulders.  Also, I can now walk without experiencing pain with every step.

I came to Leesa with a severely stiff neck associated with bad posture and sitting incorrectly at my computer for too many hours.  I had spent several weeks treating the problem to no avail and then decided to try the acupuncture route.

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I was very nervous and wasn’t particularly keen on needles but Leesa made me feel very much at ease and to my surprise the procedure wasn’t painful and I felt an instant relief in my neck as I walked out the door.  Each time I came for treatment the pain eased a little more and I found the whole experience thoroughly worthwhile and have been recommending it to my friends ever since.

I was diagnosed with lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymph glands in May 2011 but I had been seeing Leesa since January 2011 for a spinal problem. 

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As she treats the whole body she had also been treating me for low liver and lung function and it turned out that this lymphoma was in the liver and lymph glands by the liver.  I have been having chemotherapy for the past 3 months and have continued on with treatment from Leesa. This has greatly assisted me through this period as I have had minimal symptoms from quite intensive fortnightly chemotherapy sessions and I believe this is due to Leesa's intuitive and professional knowledge of where best to place the needles to maximise my recovery time.  At present I have finished my chemotherapy and the specialist is very pleased with the scans he has seen.  I am due to start radiation treatment shortly to maximise my chances of a full recovery. 

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