In 20% of infertility cases, there is no known cause. This is incredibly frustrating for couples desperate to have a baby. While some may look to IVF and other modern technologies, more and more couples are turning to alternative therapies, either using this in conjunction or instead of western treatments.

Acupuncture has had a long tradition in treating fertility issues, however, there was little scientific information and studies confirming a link between the practice and improved fertility. This is until recently. Now with a convincing number of peer reviewed studies demonstrating the effectiveness of acupuncture on fertility, we see more and more clinics offering acupuncture fertility treatment.

Acupuncture for Male Fertility

Roughly 30-40% of infertility problems are due to with issues around the male sperm. A number of studies have indicated that after completing fertility acupuncture treatment, twice a week for 5 weeks, sperm count can be significantly improved and abnormalities in sperm decreased. A study out of Israel found a notable increase in the sperm count in 10 out of 15 mean who had a sperm count of zero before acupuncture fertility treatment. Acupuncture treatment for male fertility has also revealed improvement in sperm motility and structural integrity.

Acupuncture for Female Fertility: endocrine dysfunctionality

A common cause of female infertility issue, endocrine dysfunctionality has been shown, in some cases to be overcome by an acupuncture fertility treatment. A study out of China in 2005 found that acupuncture treatment was actually more successful than a drug treatment. Focusing on 250 cases, the study divided women into two different treatment groups. The results of the study found that those who were in the acupuncture treatment group reported a significantly higher pregnancy rate than the women who were in the clomiphene drug treatment group.

Acupuncture in conjunction with IVF

While in the past, western medicine and eastern Chinese medicine rarely mixed, we are starting to see more and more overlap and studies reveal the measurable benefits of acupuncture treatments. When it comes to IVF treatment, success of embryo transfer is crucial to achieving a successful pregnancy. A study out of the University of Adelaide (which included an extensive randomised blind, controlled testing) revealed an increase of 50% in the success rate of IVF embryo transfer among those who received the acupuncture fertility treatment.

It is because of this study (and others like it) that a number of Australian and New Zealand IVF clinic are beginning to offer acupuncture to those undergoing IVF. This new symbiotic relationship between eastern and western medicine has helped to further legitimise acupuncture fertility treatment as a option for those struggling with infertility.

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