Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for family or friends? Shuzi Bands are a range of health jewellery products which perfectly combine functionality and style. Promoting energy and wellbeing, each Shuzi product is fitted with a small chip which is programmed with Nano Vibration technology. These Nano vibrations create a subtle energy frequency which works to promote circulation and regular brain activity.

Years of testing has shown up to a 26% increase in both cognitive and emotional brain activity. Additionally, thermal imaging and live blood cell analysis have revealed increased blood flow and enhanced blood cell activity in as little as 30 minutes wearing a Shuzi item.

Shuzi products come in a wide array of different options from earring, bracelets and pendants, through to sports bands – ideal for those living an active lifestyle. The furrier members of the family are not excluded either, with Shuzi dog tags also available!

Shuzi was introduced in New Zealand by Gary Goodfellow, a former professional motor bike rider and the first Kiwi to win a World Super Bike race. After struggling with pain caused by a long list of injuries (including broken bones, a new hip and various rods and pins) was introduced to Shuzi products in Canada in 2006.

This introduction to Shuzi bands had such a profound effect on Gary’s wellbeing that he felt needed to share this with the world and not long after gained rights to Shuzi products in NZ, Australia and the South Pacific.

Clinic 38 is proud to be stocking Shuzi products – just in time for Christmas! If you have a loved one who you believe could benefit from this Nano vibration technology, Clinic 38 is happy to guide you towards the best Shuzi product for that specific person.