If your body was an army, your Liver would be the Sergeant General. As one of the body’s largest organs, its duties and responsibilities are seemingly endless.

The liver plays an important role in numerous body functions including our digestion, metabolism and absorption of key minerals. It is like our own personal blood factory. A centre for filtering and detoxification, the liver takes the blood and ensures any chemicals and toxins are removed, and once this is complete, it nourishes and replenishes the blood. It even regulates the quantity of blood we have circulating; releasing more when we exercise and withdrawing and storing it while we sleep.

Most importantly however, our liver maintains the body’s energy flow (or Qi) which is essential to all meridians in our body flowing and working in harmony with each other. Traditional Chinese Medicine explains how we have twelve primary meridians. These are main transport routes, said to move vital energy and blood through the body in an intricate web of pathways. The Liver Meridian runs from your toes up your legs, wraps around and through major organs including your gall bladder, stomach and sexual organs, with an upwards trajectory to complete a full cycle around the body. The Liver has many pathways and cycles the energy flow of the body through these pathways, branching off to key points in the body including the nervous system.

If there is any obstruction of liver energy along these pathways, it can create complications in the body, even from a psycho-emotional perspective. For example, intense feelings of frustration and anger can be caused by suppressed liver function, leading to a self-destructive cycle. The solution is clear, you need to ensure these pathways are flowing to ensure your body has the correct blood flow required for all functions to be performing at their best.

Since we can’t see what is going on inside us we can only make decisions of health care based on symptoms. But why wait until you experience symptoms? By maintaining the energy flow of your body, you can help keep the pathways free of disturbances and have a healthy happy liver as a result. Yes, even the Sargent General needs help at times and even though the liver is very capable at resolving problems on its own, it is constantly bombarded and needs tender loving care. Remove yourself from the sickness industry and transfer to a wellness program. Clinic 38 can help get your Liver Meridians flowing and assist in your overall health and well-being. Book an appointment today and let’s get those Meridian highways flowing freely.