Tucked away below the ribs and sitting just below the liver, the Gallbladder plays a vital role in the digestion of fats. Unfortunately for this small, innocuous organ, it is not always the most efficient.

Working with the liver, the Gallbladder helps to store bile, and make it more concentrated so that fats can be digested more effectively. However, in many people blockages can occur in the Gallbladder’s biliary ducts leading to gallstones and other unpleasant conditions.

This is why maintaining a healthy, well-functioning Gallbladder is so important.

Modern & Traditional Schools of thought align

Much like western medicine tells us that a healthy flow of bile is needed between the Liver, Gallbladder,  Small Intestine and onward, eastern medicine tell us that the uninhibited flow of energy between the Yang organ (the Gallbladder) and the Yin organ (the Liver) is critical to overall health and wellbeing. 

While it has now become common to remove the Gallbladder when issues arise, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) view this only as a last resort believing a combination of acupuncture and diet should be explored so the Liver Qi to flow uninhibited through to the Gallbladder. 

Using acupuncture to promote Gallbladder Health

While the Gallbladder is responsible for anatomic functions, TCM theorises that the Gallblader also plays a crucial role in emotions – specifically courage, motivation and initiative.  

At Clinic 38 our role is to “tap in” to the channels in which energy (Qi) flows, using acupuncture needles to ensure energy remains uninhibited, flowing freely between acupoints, allowing this energy to move through your body as intended. 

In TCM the meridian (the system of energy lines which connect each of the bodies acupoints) from the gallbladder run up to the shoulders, along the back of the neck and up over the head. Because of this, the Gallbladder is attributed to common ailments like tension headaches, restless sleep and dizziness. 

Through the use of acupuncture needles to access this Gallbladder meridian we work to relieve these blockages. When done in conjunction with a healthy diet which avoids greasy foods and includes sulphur rich foods (think onions, garlic, kale), you can achieve more peaceful sleep and fewer headaches.

If you think your Gallbladder could do with a bit of extra love this winter, get in touch with the team at Clinic 38 and book an appointment today.